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Authenticity Abroad

The New York Times recently published a great essay on one student’s reflection on what it means to have an “authentic” study abroad experience: “Was My Study Abroad Experience ‘Authentic’ Enough?” Searching for authenticity in another country has always struck…
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NAFSA IV Session TODAY! Working with a Provider on Faculty-led Programs: A SWOT Analysis

Join us at the NAFSA IV Regional conference today for a session on “Working with a Provider for Faculty-led Programs: A SWOT Analysis.” We’ll be in the Gooseberry Falls Room 3 at 1:30 – 2:30pm. This session puts a twist…
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Teachers are transformed by study abroad, too!

Welcome back to a new academic year. Here at Seminars we are getting ready for January programs and planning May/June programs as well. Interest in faculty-led programming continues to increase! As a reminder of our mission in education abroad, this…
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