NAFSA IV Session TODAY! Working with a Provider on Faculty-led Programs: A SWOT Analysis

Join us at the NAFSA IV Regional conference today for a session on Working with a Provider for Faculty-led Programs: A SWOT Analysis. We ll be in the Gooseberry Falls Room 3 at 1:30 2:30pm. This session puts a twist on an important topic: we will analyze the strengths and weaknesses of using providers from the faculty perspective with a goal of giving education abroad professionals insights into the faculty mind and what s at stake for them when considering the use of providers.

I am also available for meetings if you are looking for an experienced provider/partner for your faculty-led programs who:

  • understands faculty expectations, education abroad staff needs, and university policies and procedures;
  • cares about academics and affordability;
  • and has worldwide expertise and extensive local connections.

I would be glad to set up a time to meet with you if you d like to learn about Seminars International s customized program design, personalized service, and seamless logistics.

Feel free to contact me at or text or call 312-561-5187, or come and find me after my session today.

It ll be great to see you in Minnesota s naturally air-conditioned city!

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