Summer Project: Renew Faculty-led Provider Partnership

The semester is finally over, and we get a bit of time to breathe (at least, I hope you do!) and work on projects that take some time and thoughtfulness. I have been doing a lot of thinking this year about providers and universities as partners and what that involves. In a strong partnership, it s important from time to time to discuss how you work well together and what could be improved. Here are a few questions to get your discussion started:

  • Are there changes in the works at your university core curriculum review, study abroad fees, staffing changes, new policies that affect education abroad,etc.? If such changes might affect your faculty-led programs or your work with your provider, they will appreciate knowing well in advance.
  • Are there things working well you want to be sure to continue? Providers appreciate knowing what is important to you and your programs.
  • Did issues come up over this year s programs that need to be addressed? Ideally, you will have resolved any program issues when they arose, but it can also be helpful to discuss them when you both have had some time to look at the bigger picture. Could clearer policies or better communication have prevented them or help things go more smoothly in the future?

If you are a Seminars university partner (or would like to be!) and would like to discuss these or other questions relating to our partnership, I d be glad to set up a phone call this summer. I will also be at NAFSA in Philadelphia and would be happy to set up a meeting there. Please contact me at .

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