Forum Conference Session: Business Transaction or Educational Partnership?

My friend Lisa Chieffo from the University of Delaware and I have teamed up to lead a Forum conference session on developing guidelines for the business relationship between universities and providers on faculty-led programs.

I know there are many of you with vast experience in faculty-led programs, and we need your perspectives. Please join us!

Thursday, March 22, 2018, 8:45am 10:00am
Business Deal or Educational Partnership? Towards Guiding Principles for Providers and Education Abroad Offices Collaborating on Short-term Faculty-led Programs
Catherine Spaeth (Seminars International); Lisa Chieffo (University of Delaware)
Much has been discussed about the role of the faculty director in short-term programs. But what of the business and contractual relationship between the education abroad office and provider? What is the difference between a buyer/seller relationship and an educational partnership? How can we achieve the latter? In this session we develop guiding principles for provider/education abroad office relationships.


  1. Gabriela

    Hi Visit Costa Rica has been a faculty led study abroad provider for 15 years. If I can controbite to the comversation I would love to.

    1. Catherine (Post author)

      Hi Gabriela,
      If you will be attending the Forum Conference in Boston, we would love to have you contribute to the discussion! If not, we are planning to work with the Forum on Education Abroad to revise and improve the guidelines that get developed at the conference. There may be possibilities for comments and other input in the near future.

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