Summer Project: Talk with your Provider

The semester is finally over, students are taking exams and graduating, and faculty are off grading papers. Which means we get to turn to our summer projects. If your work includes faculty-led programs, consider sitting down with your program provider to discuss your collaborative work. Here are some topics you might address:

  • Are there things working well you want to be sure to continue? It can be helpful to take some time to talk them through. Providers appreciate know what is important to you and your programs.
  • Did issues come up over this year’s programs that need to be addressed? Ideally, you will have resolved any program issues when they arose, but it can also be helpful to discuss them when you both have had some time to look at the bigger picture. Could clearer policies or procedures to prevent them or help things go more smoothly in the future?
  • Are there changes in the works at your university–core curriculum review, study abroad fees, new majors, etc? If such changes might affect your faculty-led programs or your work with your provider, they would appreciate knowing well in advance.

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