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Re-thinking the term “third-party provider”

You may have already read the brief written by Tony Ogden (now at Michigan State University) and published by AIEA last summer. However, if you haven’t, just below is an excerpt that contains interesting thoughts about working with organizations that…
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To include or not to include?: focusing on academics in short-term programs

I spent some time this winter traveling with some of our faculty-led programs. It was quite interesting to experience the programs on-site after spending time planning them on paper. I learned a lot about many aspects of the programs, but…
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Ethical Service-Learning: Are you practicing it?

Last week, I attended an interesting session at the NAFSA Region IV conference in Des Moines, Iowa, on the subject of ethical service-learning abroad. Service-learning is such a trend at the moment. We have inculcated the current generation of students…
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