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Faculty-led Program Research: Asia Institute Short-Term Programs Report 2016

As a new academic year gets off the ground, it’s interesting to read some of the trends and highlights of faculty-led programs in Asia from Asia Institute’s Short-Term Programs Report. The Asia Institute is a program provider for faculty-led courses…
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To include or not to include?: focusing on academics in short-term programs

I spent some time this winter traveling with some of our faculty-led programs. It was quite interesting to experience the programs on-site after spending time planning them on paper. I learned a lot about many aspects of the programs, but…
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“New” Risk Management Resources for Education Abroad

We all know the saying “The more things change, the more they stay the same.” This runs true even in education abroad. A few weeks ago, when NAFSA announced the free publication of two resources entitled “When a Reporter Calls”…
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