Top Ten Regrets from a University Alum

The Newsroom at the University of St. Thomas in Minnesota recently published an article titled  “List of Lists: Alumni’s Top 10 Do-Over Wishes After Graduating”, by a 2011 alum in which he listed his top ten regrets from college. I’m sure you’re ahead of me already and can guess that study abroad was on the list. Not only is it on the list, but it’s his #1 regret! I’m very sorry he didn’t get to study abroad but I am thrilled to know that his regret looms so large.

Farther down the list was a regret I was surprised to see: not learning a language well enough to speak it. Maybe globalization is making young people see the benefits of speaking more languages than English.

Seeing those two regrets together make me realize that languages and travel must be enough a part of his world that he realizes what he missed and is seeing how much more he could be doing if he had those experiences under his belt. I hope he knows he’s young enough to turn his “do-over” list into a “to-do” list.

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