Risk Management in Education Abroad in the News – again

For keeping up on how the mainstream media is discussing terrorism and the risks to students on study abroad programs, here is a well-written article in The Atlantic magazine. It concludes with a sentiment that many of us agree with, and I, for one, am glad to read it in the press.

“The upshot is, there is no way to guarantee students’ safety, whether they are in Orlando or Dallas, or Brussels or Nice. There is risk everywhere. But every single person interviewed for this story said there is still great reward in studying abroad. As Nagy at Texas Tech said, students today need to be prepared to have “globalized careers.” And yes, said Morehouse, there’s rising extremism, but there’s also ‘this amazing connectivity that is allowing for great innovation and great creativity in the world, and to stop the connection that happens through exchange would counteract exactly what we need in the world.’”


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